Transportation in Lublin is affordable and reliable.

Waiting for the train from Lublin Glowny to Wroclaw.

On local buses, you can use one-time tickets purchased at nearby convenience kiosks which need to be validated upon boarding. You can also get a bus card which requires submitting a piece of paperwork and photo. Then, the card can be loaded with the fare for one month, three months, or five months.

From the student dormitories at 1D Konstantynow, buses 10, 150, 151, and (by a more circuitous route) 26, go to the University.

Bus 10 goes to the Lublin bus station which is situated near the Lublin Castle at: Aleje Tysiąclecia 6, Lublin.

From there, many buses can be taken to other cities. A good website for exploring bus options and booking tickets is:

The train station, Lublin Główny, is located at: Plac Dworcowy 1, 20-408 Lublin

The website for exploring destinations and reserving train tickets is: PKP – Intercity

There is a 51% discount on all train tickets for students. This discount can be applied by selecting the student discount from a drop-down menu next to the field labelled “kind of discount”.

These are the conditions for the 51% student discount:

– Students up to 26 years with student card issued by polish college
– The students of teacher training college and teacher training college of foreign languages as also the students of social workers college up to 26 years of age who have card of teacher training college
– Doctoral students up to 35 years with doctoral student card issued by polish collegeStudents – Polish citizens, studying abroad up to 26 years with student card issued by polish college or ISIC card